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Vue PDF Viewer provides the best viewing experience, whether it is about personalization, localization, navigation, responsiveness or interaction.


With Vue PDF Viewer, you can provide an immersive experience for your users in the document content. If a page is better read vertically or if the font size is too small, you can rotate that specific page or zoom in respectively

Change to full screen mode
Bookmark a section for a quick reference
Switch between text or hand mode
Search specific keywords in the PDF document
Right click or keyboard shortcut to copy
An image showing Vue PDF Viewer’s interactive tools such as text/hand mode and scrolling methods


Need to personalize PDF viewer to fit your website’s style? Maybe you want to provide support for multi languages for your diverse users? We get you covered!

Configure CSS variables or use the default light/dark mode
Integrate our built-in translating UI of 14 languages
Customize toolbar, top bar and sidebar
An image where Vue.js developers can choose different themes to customize the skin of Vue PDF Viewer
An image where users can choose different languages to navigate around Vue PDF Viewer
Customizable Panel
An image where Vue.js developers can configure topbar and sidebar


Whether you render the PDF document in your website on desktop, tablet or mobile screens, Vue PDF Viewer display responsively for a smooth user experience of your users

An image which shows that Vue PDF Viewer can render responsively across different screen sizes


Easily move around the PDF document externally or internally. To jump to a specific part, you can search or click on the hyperlinks in the document. To go to a specific section in a document, you can navigate via bookmark or the Table of Content.

Click next/previous or enter page number
Rotate forward or backward
Jump to a part in the document with hyperlinks
Adjust screen size by % or level (i.e. Actual Size, Page Fit)
Get to a section with Table of Content
Display thumbnails of the pages for easy navigation
An image which shows that users can search for keywords in the PDF document on the Vue PDF Viewer
An image which shows that users can bookmark certain pages in the PDF document as references in Vue PDF Viewer
An image which shows users can navigate in the PDF document with thumbnail feature via Vue PDF Viewer


With the built-in review tool, you can engage with parts of the PDF document or add necessary annotations. The interface is simple, with great, native performance

Highlight important text
Strikethrough irrelevant text
Underline specific phrase or keywords
An image which shows users able to highlight words in the PDF document on Vue PDF Viewer


Vue PDF Viewer component follows the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) guideline. Important operations such as search, annotation, scrolling, print, download and more can be controlled by the keyboard alone.

An image which shows users able to navigate the PDF document with keyboard shortcuts


You can find general tools that cover the basics of a PDF Viewer in the starter kit which you can mold according to your needs.

Default layout for top bar, sidebar and toolbar
Display file property
Open File
File Download
Print the PDF document
An image which shows default tools such as print, download and file open that Vue.js developers can customize to fit their needs
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An image of Vue PDF viewer logovue pdf viewer

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